Monday, 20 July 2015


I couldn't visit Turku
without taking a look around 
along the riverside. 
The town was bustling outside,
while I silently roamed around
breathing in the atmosphere of years gone by. 

Turun vierailulla 
tärppilistan kärkipäässä. 
Ikkunoiden alla ihmisvilinä markkinahumussa,
sisällä hiljaisuus ja menneen ajan havina.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


We went to the Riviera.

(Well, Turku in fact, 
a couple of hundred kilometres away.)

Kävimme Rivieralla.

(Tai no, siis Turussa.)

Thursday, 16 July 2015


It's nearly midnight,
but I fancied saying hello just quickly.

Despite these cool days, 
the simplicity of summer 
has managed to wrap itself 
around my little finger,
disguised in the form 
of fresh berries melting in the mouth,
& feeling crisp white cotton
& crinkled linen against the skin. 

And I've been creating a mental moodboard
for our future bathroom transformation.
Why is it I always stop & stare
at the ones with lovely windows,
although that's totally out of the question...

Tomorrow a little excursion
to another town.

Sweet dreams.



The delicate world of Norwegian graphic designer, 
stylist & photographer Hilde Mork
hits such a spot with me,
her images reflecting an incredible eye for detail,
with a  surprise element,
bathed in an alluring, crisp light. 

You will find her website here
& you can follow her on Instagram here. 

All images shared with Hilde Mork's kind permission.

Wishing you a sweet July day,


Sunday, 12 July 2015


A quiet Sunday. 
Savouring the fading beauty
of this grand old pair of rose ladies.
And wise words jotted down in my notebook. 

And some more wise words
from Sally Mann's autobiography Hold Still

"There is nothing better
than the thrill of holding a great negative,
wet with fixer,
up to the light.
And, here's the important thing:
it doesn't even have to be a great negative.
You get the same thrill with any negative;
with art, as someone once said,
most of what you have to do
is show up. 
The hardest part is setting the camera to the tripod,
or making the decision to bring the camera out of the car,
or just raising the camera to your face,
believing, by those actions,
that whatever you find before you,
whatever you find there, 
is going to be good.

And, when you get whatever you get,
even if it's a fluky product
of that slipping-glimpser vision that de Kooning celebrated,
you have made something. 
Maybe you've made something mediocre
- there's plenty of that in any artist's cabinets
- but something mediocre is better than nothing,
and often the near-misses, as I call them,
are the beckoning hands 
that bring you to perfection
just around the blind corner."

Wishing you an inspired Sunday.


Friday, 10 July 2015


Summer. Holidays. Now! 

Rather in love with the thought 
of quietly tiptoeing into the kitchen 
in the mornings
to brew a pot of coffee,
then heading back under the linen covers
to sip slowly,
in the quiet lull of the dawn light.

that causes the feet to dance.

Time to get lost in the words
of all those books I've begun.

Escapades with the kids
- strawberry picking for starters.

Then there's a bigger trip 
beckoning around the corner,
with the promise of special people
& striking landscapes 
to see and breathe in. 
My little brother's wedding
in a field in the rolling English countryside.

In the back of my mind,
feeling the urge to just be,
but at the same time
hoping that the sweet summer freedom
effortlessly instils an ounce of autumn direction.

I hope the summer is treating you well. 
What do you hope it brings? 



Even if the sun refuses to shine,
an eternal (virtual) summer resides right here (click).


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